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Are there conditions of bond?
Yes. You must check in according to your check-in schedule, show up for all court dates, make payments as necessary and on schedule as well as abiding by any court requirements. You must also keep us advised of any changes of address or phone numbers.

Can I leave the state?
Generally speaking, you may leave the state of Texas after being bonded out of jail, depending on your specific reason. Still, you are not free of the charges filed against you.

Do you require a cosigner?
Yes. The cosigner needs to be a legal resident of the state of Texas.

How does the bail process work?
We call and verify the charges and the bond amount. We post the bond and the defendant is released. The defendant will need to keep in contact with our office until the case is closed. For more information, check out the Bail Bonds Process section on our Services page.

How often do I need to check in?
Normally check-ins are weekly, but in some cases you may be required to check-in more often. After you have gotten out of jail as a result of our bail bond services, you will be informed how often you must check in.

What kind of information do you need?
We need several pieces of information including name, date of birth, driver license number, address, phone numbers, friends, relatives, employers, etc.

Do you take collateral?
In some situations we will accept collateral, but we do not take car titles.

Do I get my money back?
No, the money you pay to get out of jail is nonrefundable – unless unforeseen circumstances prevent us from fulfilling our duties to get you out of jail.

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